About Cloth + Dye

My name is Sara. I’d like to dress your children in Modern handmade fashions.

The idea for Cloth + Dye Clothing was born from a desire to dress my child in modern, fashionable, elegant, and unique baby clothing made with sustainable, organic, and/or American-made materials. It was around the time that I noticed every little girl on facebook wearing one of the same three outfits that I decided the big box stores just won’t do. So, I started sourcing and dying clothes for my daughter.

I’ve been hand dying fabric and clothing since 1998. I’m in love with the thousand + year old Shibori tie dye techniques you’ll see used throughout my portfolio. While Tie Dye has been closely associated with the Hippie movement since the 60’s, the Japanese have been practicing Shibori since the 8th Century.

Traditional Shibori uses a stitch, fold, twist, or compression of the cloth to create a natural dye resist. There are countless ways to create a resist pattern and thousands of dye options. I strive to create pieces with a unique, modern sensibility.

My passion for and knowledge of tie dying has led me to teach traditional Shibori, Yoruba indidgo, and other tie-dye techniques at the University of New Mexico, and on several outreach trips to villages in Ghana and Kenya.

The process of tie-dying is very labor intensive. I make every piece by hand, using thread, plastic, and wooden clamps to create my unique baby fashions. Most Cloth + Dye pieces are organic cotton embellished with natural or synthetic dyes. I often spend hours meticulously tying each piece before bathing it in several dye treatments and hand washing it. It’s truly a labor of love, and something I hope you can appreciate in the finished work. I hope you enjoy dressing your children in Cloth and Dye clothes as much as I enjoy making them!

My very special husband is an artist and designer, and he helps me with a lot of the photography and design work for my budding business.

If you like what we’re doing, please tell your friends and connect with us on facebook, flickr, and Etsy.